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Firmly established at the cutting edge of specialty raw materials solutions to Israel's industry since 1979, Shiran is a leading sourcing partner to Israel's varied manufacturers.
Exclusively representing and distributing handpicked world leading manufacturers of customized raw materials.
Providing Sustainable Sourcing Solutions for Manufacturers of Food & Nutrition, Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics and Home Care and Pharmaceutical Products.






Environmentally friendly natural Mimosa Wax Mimosa wax is very sustainable, as it is a formerly unwanted by-product of the perfume industry and thus an upcycled raw material. Learn More


Nexira the world's largest Gum Arabic company, and a leading stabilizers supplier, is intensifying its long-term commitment to Sustainability in the food ingredients and dietary supplements raw materials arena. Learn More


Evonik announces the launch of ECOHANCE® Care PS3, a NEXT Generation Solution emulsifier.

The very 1ST highly sustainable O/W emulsifier. Learn More


We are excited to announce the launch of an important New Member of our Evonik Sustainable Hair Conditioning portfolio VARISOFT® EQ 90 - a unique conditioning agent by Evonik Industries Personal Care Division.


Shiran Representatives 2008 – Exclusive Distributer in Israel of Evonik Industries Personal care division proudly enounces the addition of Infinitec Activos to our wide range portfolio of Ingredients.





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